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Re: Glorious day for films.

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)


> Hopefully, whatever they do, it will be with a strong medieval flare and
> not heavy on the fantasy element.
> I believe that the Professor would have preferred it that way.  He was
> trying to recreate the medieval
> romance anyway, wasn't he??

Actually, the prof. was adamantly against a movie version,
according to his letters. That far-off distant moan you hear is
him spinning in his tomb. His opinions on "over-accurate"
_illustration_ (which is odd, since he illo'ed some of his own
work) are to be read in his On Fairy Stories in the Tolkien

As to LoTR as an attempt to recreate the romance, I'm not too
sure. He wasn't a specialist on romances-Lewis was, of the two of
them. His forte was the Vikings and the other old Germanic tales.
More like sagas. Though I have always been intrigued by the fact
that the ring story is sort of a reverse grail: the knights
looking for the ultimate prize are evil, the UP has to be
destroyed, and yet, in the end, the result is the same-the old
ways die.

Pedro the Pessimist
Craig Levin
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